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Just after having passed the Hungarian boarder, we recognized the ban for cycles on the main road and couldn?t see an alternative. In the village beside this road, we asked a real local guy for a side road. He was only smiling at us without teeth, showed us the cycling ban, shrugged the shoulders and said: no problem! Anyway, we didn?t have a choice, we had to take this road with heavy traffic. Once again we appreciated our rear-view mirror. Further on we
turned to a quieter but much bumpier road. By accident, we were very close to a small village named Velence, where foxes and rabbits say goodnight to each other...Kurt knows there a family from Berne, which offers vacation to disabled person. We took the opportunity to say hello. Only grand mum was at home who served us delicious homemade
apple juice.

To each house belongs at least one dog. Especially bicycles they dont like and they were barking like crazy when we passed them. If they came too close, we poured water and shouted at them to go home. This was very effective even in Swiss German! The Hungarian language is very difficult und we don?t understand even one word. They put together a few words and if we need ten words for one sentence, they use not more than three. The lake of Balaton is very beautiful and its colors were turquoises. This nice area is surrounded by vineyards and the almond trees were white blooming. The wine we tasted was excellent. On the way along the Lake Balaton we had to fight against the strong
wind. We got very hungry but no restaurant was open. Finally, we found a small food store and we bought something for lunch. Surprisingly, food costs almost as much as in Austria.

In Alzöörs we?ve been invited to stay with our friends from Switzerland to their holiday house. We spent a pleasant and
interesting evening with them. In the backyard of the houses, usually the Hungarian people have a garden, chicken and pics. Therefore, they are able to feed their family themselves and they don?t need to buy the expensive products
from the supermarket. Rarely, there will be thrown away anything as all backyards are very messy and it?s the storage of everything. On March 15, all locals were dressed very pretty and they were visiting the monuments, which remember the revolution against the "Habsburger".

From lake "Balaton" we were cycling southeastern of the country, where the diligent farmers were planting the fields.
We had to catch the Donau ferry in Paks, which we missed by five minutes and the next left only two hours later. On the road map was signed another ferry a little further up. Instead of waiting we tried to reach this one. Unfortunately, they stopped working a few years ago and we had to cycle back 30 km against the wind all way to take the first ferry. We?d better have made a siesta! The stork nests beside the road are lovely built on the top of the electricity pylons. Cars can be found from the old "Trabis" of the 50ies to the latest models. Surprisingly, also the old cars were in a very good condition. In Szeged, an interesting city close to the Romanian and Serbian boarder, we spent one day sightseeing, before leaving Hungry.


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