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A huge bridge of metal brought us over the Donau to Ruse, the former capital city of Bulgaria. We decided to spend one day in this very interesting city. A variety of many different modern buildings, Barock, Renaissance, Empire, Art nouveau, gives it a special flair.

The non-verbal communication is very funny. If Bulgarian people are shaking their head from the left to the right side, it means: yes! A decline is showed by lifting the head to the top. An employee in a restaurant explained us a way and then she agreed by shaking her head from the left to the right side. We had to laugh about this and we explained her how it works in our sign language. Our trip to Sumen was a real mountain to valley ride, it went never straight ahead.

The backwind we had to Nesebär on the Black See was fantastic and the cycled 141 km were quite easy. The skyline of the huge hotel resorts of this town were to see from far away and after this long journey it seemed that we didn’t come closer. Finally reached that place, this touristy place was ghostly quiet. We were certainly the first clients! The old town of Nesebär is situated on a Peninsula and is very picturesque! The road along the Bulgarian Black Sea was very beautiful. We spent one day in Sozopol, an enchanting fisher village, which kept its original calm despite the tourism.

The Peninsula has various attractive old houses from the 18 century. The coast road was well asphalted but heading inland direction Turkish boarder to Istanbul, the condition of the road got bad and we had to be very concentrated not to drive into the deep wholes! Why to spend money for a road where maybe once a year a tourist passes? But the military was present everywhere and the frontier police stopped us already 50 km before having reached the Turkish boarder. They seemed to be very bored and we had to show them our passports.

It was cold, rainy and foggy and we were happy to learn that in Malko Tarnovo, a Bulgarian boarder town, we could find a hotel. This was a former military accommodation with beds made of steel frame. We didn’t care and were happy to have a warm room. The bathroom was really horrible, the ceiling covered with mould! Without Flip Flop we wouldn’t have entered this bathroom! Apart from this we enjoyed Bulgaria very much. The landscape is beautiful and the people are very hospitable. Also the food is delicious with its various salads and the grilled meat, and this all to reasonable prices.


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