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After the Austrian boarder the cycle path went through the nice town Feldkirch. The weather was getting better and we took the chance to dry our wet clothes during our ride. River upwards we were cycling to Bludenz. Because of the snowy mountains at the Arlberg pass, we had to take the train to St. Anton, where we planed to stay for the night. We did not think about the high season and we hardly got an accommodation. Two villages further on we found a room. It was icy cold and in the morning, the road was covered with snow. Anxiously and slippery, we were riding down the hill, passing the astonished people waiting for the ski bus.
In Landeck we met our friends from Switzerland which were on their way back home. We enjoyed meeting them again before we left this area for a long time. Again it was raining and we were happy to get to Innsbruck before dawn. Once again we admired the wonderful city of Innsbruck and the surrounding white mountains. Cold but nice started the next day and we followed the Inns river, where many castles were to see. On the way to Kitzbühel we passed all the snow bars and the skiers were all very excited to see people cycling. Very late and almost frozen we arrived in Kitzbühel. After a huge breakfast we were cycling over the Thurn Pass, also a skiing area. We enjoyed this very picturesque part of Austria especially. One night we found an accommodation at the farm. This family was very nice and we enjoyed very much talking with them about many different themes and we got served very nice homemade Austrian food. The guy from the farm was very proud of his tractor, a Steyr of the year 195 5, a very antique vehicle.
After five days on the bicycle every day, we had small troubles with the knees and shoulders. To avoid this we try to exercise every evening. Nathalie bought a “horse balsam” which is a very helpful ointment. Of course, Kurt was joking about this horse balsam, but after a while he also recognized how healthy it is.
Our clothes and equipment is still in a good condition, although the heavy rain treated the brakes of our bicycles not very well. The chain was washed out and in the morning its color was red! After having removed all the dirt, we had to treat it with plenty of oil.
This two days we enjoyed the interesting city of Graz.


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