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Thailand, it’s unbelievable how advanced this land is…in the border town of Aranyaprathet we were even able to withdraw money on our EC Maestro card.
We stopped here to clean our bikes at a modern gas station and discovered that the tyre-wall on Nathalie’s front wheel was torn, after almost 20,000 kilometers. We changed the tyre with the spare and pedalled onwards on the perfect asphalt roads towards Prachin Buri.
Another obvious sign of prosperity is the large number of over-weight people The primary school children are taken to school by bus or private car even for just short distances.
We rode along on a totally beautiful minor road all the way to the city limits of Bangkok but on the way we were chased by great packs of dogs, so despite the heat, we often ended up covered in goosebumps!!!
We pedalled and pedalled and traversed the seemingly endless city of 7 million inhabitants until finally we reached the Banglamphu district. We had a bit of bad luck with the first hotel room we found, which although being spacious and air-conditioned, was the home of huge cochroaches which came out in the evening. In the morning we set off to find another guesthouse, which because of the high season, turned out to be a bit difficult. We weren’t going to lodge in the infamous Khao San Road, but anyway it was interesting to just observe the goings on there. Here, one meets more tourists than natives, and many sind totally high, so it’s no wonder really that the Thais are not so friendly in this region. At any rate, on this day we had a stroke of luck because it was „Buddah Day“ in Bangkok, and the Government was offering Tuk-tuk rides for only 20 Baht (not quite SFr.1), so we decided to go visit some interesting temples. Our driver never stopped trying to get us to stop at tailor or jewellery shops where obviously he would be able to cash in on a commision. We had to quite forcibly explain to him that we were only interested in seeing temples and had absolutely no intention of going on a shopping tour!!
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